A Guide to Hosting with Cider

This year, ironically, has brought us closer to the ones we love. We’re driven to come together more often and better: to spend quality time with our loved ones in intentional, intimate settings at home. And ciders, crafted with love and attention, are the perfect accompaniment. Here’s how.

Ciders are ideal for easygoing gatherings with a close-knit circle, and go effortlessly from day to night. Think backyards buzzing with family at a leisurely brunch, Sunday barbecues during summer or close friends coming together at dinner tables. Where people come as they are and time seems to stop. Ciders keep conversations flowing smoothly without taking over them, so they’re great for when you’re getting together to explore common interests or learning something new, whether it’s travel, design, music, sport or anything else. Use the relaxed nature of ciders to inspire all aspects of the event, for an easy warmth that moves with its people. Ciders are unfussy to pair with food. They add freshness to rich food and sit elegantly with light soups and salads. When planning, think guilt-free indulgence and healthy ingredients. Use the event flow to plan requirements: Is the vibe casual or fancy? Are people mingling throughout and helping themselves or sitting down and being served? What activities are planned and at what instances will food be served? What kind of food- drink pairing will you go for? Most ciders are gluten-free by nature, and most craft ciders are also vegan and use little or no added sugar.

Play around with the cider you’re serving to understand its unique notes and create interesting food combinations. Tapas-style finger foods and cheese, meat and veggie platters are great for laid-back evenings. Pairings with exotic olives, rich mains (risotto, creamy pastas and grilled proteins) or decadent desserts (chocolate and fruit-based) can be warm yet refreshing. Set the mood with acoustic or mid-tempo music that get spunkier as the day gets on. Live vocals for a sunny brunch are a great idea. Choose details that are carefully selected: handmade tableware and décor with character will champion good taste and a love for craftsmanship.

Hosting with cider is all about thoughtful simplicity and effortless style. Use the ‘less is more’ approach to choose elements and ingredients that shine together but also individually, just like people. The centre of all gatherings and connoisseurs of life. A breathing celebration of what makes life meaningful.