A few reason to love the fox

There is no two ways about it. Foxes are fascinating creatures. It’s little wonder that they feature in many folk tales around the world.

Ancient Norsemen looked to the skies and imagined foxes kicking up sparks that lit up their land, making ‘lightning without thunder’. They called it Revontulet or ‘fox fires’. Today we know it as the Northern Lights. Halfway across the world, the Japanese saw the fox as wise, guardian spirits. In fact, you’ll see them at the iconic Buddhist and Shinto ‘Inari’ shrines associated with prosperity.

In Western culture, the fox is seen as a cunning creature of the night. Known for raiding livestock and outwitting farmers, you’ll find the fables aren’t kind to our furry friend. But scientists have redeemed their reputation. They learned that that foxes use the earth’s magnetic field to find their way around. They are some of the most well-travelled animals on the planet, with an easy cruising speed of 50 kmph.

Long story short, there has always been a little bit of magic to the fox. They are charming, well-travelled, and very good at seeking out what they like. In fact, they have a nose for the best apples in the orchard. So when it came to choosing a face for our beloved alcoholic small batch craft cider, the choice was easy.

No one loves good apples more than a Thirsty Fox.