Like all good stories, this one starts in a bar

It was a cold February morning in Sommerville, Massachusetts. A man walked into a bar and ordered his cider off the tap. It was love at first sip.

The story would have ended there. But instinct and curiosity took over. He scribbled a cheerful note and passed it over the bar counter. It was addressed to the makers of the cider. They met soon afterwards, chatted, and a few months later, the delicious drink was ready to travel across the world to India.

Mumbai is where Thirsty Fox grew into itself. For two long years, our cider makers tasted recipe after recipe until they could recreate the magic of that first February morning. It was time well spent. They created Izzy and Reed - two refreshingly original ciders that we are thrilled to share with you.

We needed a name, something that did justice to our cider journey. We quickly decided on Thirsty Fox, a toast to the clever social animals with a nose for the best apples. In a different light, it’s also our tip of the hat to you.

Ultimately, the story of Thirsty Fox is that of a few good people who connected over cider. We couldn’t have chosen a better origin story if we’d tried.

Good fortune, fine company and a little bit of curiosity.
Everything you need for a good story.