The Science behind cider, and other magic tricks

Every cider-maker worth their orchard knows that a good cider is more art than science. It takes a lot of love, and a bit of good fortune to make the delicious drink. Each cider country has its own method. But no one has more fun with their cider than the Americans. Their adventures inspired our craft.

The first step is picking the right apples. Our harvests come straight from family-owned American farms. Apples are hand-picked and stored until they start to ‘sweat’. That’s when your touch can dent the apple but it’s still firm. Most people agree that the finest ciders use a mix of different harvests. This balance makes some ciders neutral, others tart, some aromatic, and so forth.

The next step is the cider-press. The harvested apples are carefully pulped. Every drop of the fresh juice is precious. We then use a special kind of champagne yeast to ferment this signature blend of apple juice. It takes between three to six weeks for Nature to work her wonders. But it’s worth the wait because the results are a fresh new batch of Thirsty Fox cider.

We choose unique botanicals to distinguish our different ciders. Izzy gets a hint of citrus honey for its sweetness. Reed gets tart cherries and peppercorns. The last step is the carbonation process which gives our cider its refreshing taste. Finally, the cider is ready to be bottled up in our signature stubbies, for you to pick up.

Making cider is a long journey. It’s more than worth the ride.