The craft behind the art of nature The craft behind the art of nature

01 Hand-picked

We hire the best hands in the world to pick the best apples nature has to offer. You’ll find that we only use single-origin American apples to make our ciders.


02 Crushed and Pulped

We run each hand-picked apple through a cider press to get every drop of fresh apple juice. We then add our custom botanicals to this small-batch blend of apples.


03 Fermented

The juice is slowly fermented with our own special strain of champagne yeast for that special Thirsty Fox taste.


04 Matured

After all that hard work, we let things rest. That’s when Nature takes over, and your cider is ready in three weeks.


05 Bottled

At last, we get to bottle our beloved cider in their signature stubby bottles and send it out to the world for you to enjoy.

What to
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Thirsty Fox.

The fox is notorious among orchard owners for its uncanny knack of seeking out the best apples.

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This is
a stubby -
a little bottle that does a lot.


Short, stout, dark; the stubby is more than just a good-looking fellow. It chills faster thanks to its short neck and fits effortlessly in the hand of every cider lover.